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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 22, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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dated the parchment to 568 a.d. putting it in the time of mohammed. for more of our stories go to our website at >> ferguson missouri gets another police chief aiming to restore relations between police and the community. >> get out of the car. get out now. >> i will light you up. a texas authority say there were no edits in this dashcam video showing the arrest of a young woman. she died in police custody days later. and in new york state votes to
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hike minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris. ferguson missouri, has a new top cop today. nearly a year after riots erupted after the death of michael brown a long time officer from arizona already has goals set for a six-month appointment. >> my goal is building trust in this community right now. so everything that i do day-to-day will be about this community and the police officers here not concentrating on whether or not i'm going to be the police chief of the future. >> we were at the news conference in ferguson, and she said that the chief is not from that region but has connection there. >> the city is going from one interim police chief to another.
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they couldn't say how many people were considered for this position but i can tell you that the manager is from glendale arizona and andre anderson is now coming from the glendale police department. he most recently worked as a commander overseaing 80 directs in the criminal investigation unit. he has 24 years of law enforcement experience, and the mayor today said that it is a bonus that he is also a black man. anderson said he grew up in a community in southwest philadelphia that had a similar demographic as ferguson, so he feels like he can relate to the community even though there have been criticism that they're not from ferguson. he said he would like to be considered for the willing-term position here but right now he's focused on the six-month interim base. he wants to do de-escalation and really focus on community policing which was an important thing at the glendale police
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department from where he's coming. one other interesting thing that the department of justice had nothing to do with replacing one interim chief with another interim chief. i read a couple of weeks ago i talked to the previous interim chief who pulled me aside who told me that the department of justice does not think we can continue on in the structure that we have. >> the texas department of public safety is insisting that a video showing the arrest of a young woman is not edited. they plan to repost that video later today. as ash har quaraishi reports from texas. sandra bland's family said that they still have big questions over how she died. >> let's do this. don't touch me. >> get out of the car. >> that dashcam video released showed the moments leading up to sandra bland's arrest. the public safety does not appear to try to pull bland out through her bind but he does
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pull out his taser. much of the interaction takes out of view but a bystander is also recording. >> at one point the officer addressed the eyewitness filming the incident. >> you need to leave. >> following a closed door meeting of state count and local officials, they made the dashcam video public. >> giving everything that is going on in america as it relates to relationships between law enforcement and african american minority community, i should say, that we want to make sure that quote/unquote people do not perceive this as anything we do as a whitewash. wherever the facts lead we want to make certain that no stone is unturned and we get every fact. and wherever the facts lead. >> they said that the investigation is to the death is
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being treated as if it's a murder investigation. but he characterizeed bland's behavior as not ideal. sandra bland was very come pattive. >> what does that mean? >> it was not a model traffic stop or it was not a model person who was stopped on a traffic spot. i think the public can make it's own determination as to the behaviors that they're seeing in the video. >> the officer involved in the travel ever traffic stop has been placed on administrative duty. >> i want that family, when they go back to chicago for when this is resome offed that they believe that they had justice in texas. >> in an online posting sandra bland talked about the black lives matter movement and talked about the deep-seeded mistrust between the law enforcement and people of color. >> you could stand there
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surrender could to the cops and still be killed. >> the initial story when she was pulled over for a regular traffic stop and was arrested for assaulting a police officer. somebody is lying because that's not sandy, especially as outspoken she was about police brutality and the events going on sandy would never put herself in a position where she would put her hands on a cop. >> sandra bland's mother closed out the memorial service saying that her daughter would be laid to rest back home in the suburbs of chicago. >> ash har quaraishi reporting for us. john henry smith takes a closer look at the dashcam video to toe if it shows what really happened. >> the incident that ended with sandra bland's death in a jail sell ended with a right turn followed by an u-turn, sped up
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and within 17 seconds got close behind her in the left lane. bland moved to the right lane and that's when he stopped her. >> she seemed very irritated. >> i really am. >> are you done? >> you asked me what's wrong. i told you. so now i'm telling you. >> okay. do you mind putting out your cigarette, please, if you don't mind. >> i'm in my car. i don't have to put out my cigarette. >> you can step out now. >> i don't want to step out of my car. >> step out of the car. >> as bland continued to refuse the officer's lawful command he pulled his taser. >> i will light you up. get out.
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>> wow. wow. >> get out of the car. >> wow, for failure to signal. you're doing all this-- >> get over there. for failure to signal. for failure to signal. >> get off the phone. >> i have a right to call. >> put your phone down. >> in his report the officer said that bland off camera quote began swinging her elbows at me and kicked my right leg in the chin. that was already widely known because it was recorded by a bystander. the officer has been placed on administrative leave. the head of texas department public safety said that his conduct during the stop violated the procedures. >> for letting the individual know in terms of what action is going to be taken. secondly we've got a situation that doesn't matter where it happened, that the troopers have an obligation.
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>> it should be noted that there are several places where the 52 minute video appears to have been edited. at one point, for example the tow truck driver leaves his truck and walks off screen. then without apparently walking back to the truck leaves the truck again. later a passing car disappears. and then reappears driving in the same direction. john henry smith. >> once again the texas department of public safety is saying that the video is not edited. they blame an up loading error for the glitches you just saw there. there are also questions today about the death of an unarmed black man at the hands of the university of cincinnati police. he was shot sunday evening during a routine traffic spot. he had been pulled over for driving without a license. >> the officer approached the vehicle and asked him multiple times to please provide a
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drivers license. during the conversation he produced a bottle of alcohol from inside the car. and handing it to the officer but was unable to produce a drivers license. >> my son had no business getting killed. no one has the right to put a gun to his head and shoot him. what did he do to deserve that? >> well, the family said that it's waiting for police to put out body cam video to see what actually happened. and in mississippi a man has died in police custody. the witnesses say troy goode was hog tied on a stretcher by police after they arrested him in a concert. one witness said good, who has asthma said that he complained to officers that he could not breathe when they tied his hand and feet. secretary of state john kerry will be on capitol hill trying to convince lawmakers to sign off on a nuclear deal with iran. ethos overcome stiff opposition to the agreement.
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president has pledged to veto any effort to stop it. defense secretary ash carter was in saudi arabia today to try and sell the iran nuclear deal. he sat down with king salmon and saudi arabia's minister of defense. carter said he reassured the saudis of the u.s. commitment to backing u.s. allies. >> this is not an one-way relationship. this is a two-way relationship and it has been for decades. we talked about a number of things. i enumerated them. joint capabilities that we jointly developed and jointly deployed for decades. air and missiles defense missiles defense forces and so forth. >> carter met with jordan's military earlier in the day the jordans are worried that iran will use the deal to expand its
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influence in the region. it marks one year since journalist jason arrest arrested arrested. his family says that he has been tortured and his health is declining. >> this is the last place i saw him alive. >> stopping police killings of native americans. the economic issues that could be leading to more deaths.
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>> federal officials reportedly plan to file hate crime charges against the man accused of killing nine people at the emmanuel ame church in charleston. he'll unveil the charges today. he already faces nine counts of murder in state court.
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his charge trial is set to begin next summer. convicted last week of killing 12 people in aurora, colorado theater. bosses more were hurt. defense attorneys argue that homes was insane at the time and his life should be spared. we talked a lot about the killings of minorities. but native americans have been absent. >> this is the last place i saw him alive. i burn sage. i retrace his last footstep. >> eagle feather is mourning her son who was shot by police. >> he was cornered back here. and then he comes out and he has
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the knife to his neck. the police were standing where the oil mark is right there. that's where he fell. that's where he fell, right here. >> that's my daddy? >> yes, that's your daddy and you. >> native americans despite their small population, are more likely to be killed than any other ethnic group. they receive little media attention. eagle feather is still trying to comprehend what happened that day. >> he walked in. he was intoxicated. i didn't expect it. he was very agitated. he pulled out a knife. i know he was trying to scare me with it, and he was in a psychotic mode. i never saw him like that before. i was scared. >> cast away had a history of mental illness drug abuse and
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had a criminal record and served time. >> i called the police, and i asked them for help. i was scared because i knew they were chasing him. then i heard the gunshots. and they went pow pow, pow, one after another. rapid fire at close range and i knew that my son was gone when i heard those gunshots. >> vigils are taking place every night at the mobile home park where cast away was shot and killed. these cameras recorded the shootings. they were able to view the tapes the night of the killing. he reported that cast away held a knife to his throat. the police contend that he was
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dangerously close and they open fired. >> we spoke to numerous eyewitness who is were on the scene. >> david lane is a prominent attorney who is representing cast way's family in a civil case against the denver police department. he's challenging their mindset. >> the police act like they're a colognenal occupying force in these communities. they're no there to serve and protect. they're there to open these communities. that mentality is why people like tall cast away get killed. >> they reached out to the police department. no one was available to comment. a leader in the american indian movement and has been assisting the family. >> the continuing legacy of anti- anti-indian sentiment
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while it may not be as vicious and overt as it once was the fact is it is an indicator in the city. paul cast away being completely alienated in his own homeland here. >> native americans were killed by police at a higher rate than any other ethnic group in the country. in a theoretical population of 1 million people, 2.6 native americans were killed on average per year by law enforcement. a rate higher than african-americans and more than three times the rate of whites. >> we can get more taught informationaccurate information they can we can see if it's police training or the suspects that the jurisdiction encounter.
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whether there is antagonism, in certain jurisdictions involving law enforcement. there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. >> denver's native american community are asking those questions. police have made several arrests. [ sobbing ] >> lynn eagle feather is struggling with the knowledge that her 911 call led to her son's death. >> what the police did was very wrong. very, very wrong. they need to be retrained to deal with mentally ill people. they might have calmed him down. they might have stopped him. but i think since he was a
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person of color they didn't care. the police department don't care. >> paul cast away will be buried on thursday. al jazeera denver. >> the office of personnel management is now asking other federal agencies to help fix problems exposed by a massive cyberattack. earlier this year hackers gained access to the files of 21 million works. the agency now says it can't afford to fix the multi million dollar problem. hackers have long used something called the dark web to buy and sell personal information stolen. details like social security numbers are trade there had every day. mary snow has been looking into the dark web. what she found may surprise you. >> look at the underground chat rooms of the dark web when personal information is being bought and sold at this very
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moment. not only do you have the person's name, date of bitter, you have their e-mail dresses e-mail addresses their passwords. >> their credit card their bank account. you could take over their financial life. >> how much is that worth? >> in this case this person is telling me for $8. >> $8? >> starting at $8. >> for all that information on one person? >> that's right. >> it works with the speed of wall street deals made among strangers with names like crusader biker, ninja selling personal information. >> there are reviews. it's almost like an ebay for stolen data. >> this is almost like a big bazaar. >> that's exactly what it is. it's an online bazaar for stolen information. >> wow, you can watch the second part of mary's report, what happens when hackers are backed
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by governments. wow, on ali velshi on target at 10:30 eastern time. many are logging in to a new website that promises to bring more competition to online shopping. aims to under cut amazon and costco. >> so much cheaper than other prices i've seen online. i accept. >> hopes to steal customers from online giants from amazon by up ending their business model. they'll make money from $50 annual membership fees and no profits from the actual product sold. >> we see a really big opportunity to invade price. what costco did to walmart. >> savings on smart items grow even larger. >> customers are offered different prices depending on
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which payment option they choose. >> we allow the customer to buy non-returnable, and we tell you how much that can save you. you can slow shipping down if you don't need it right away. >> the business model depends on scale. will enough people buy memberships? jet hopes to have 50 million paying customers by 2020. >> in some cases the company sells orders by having an employee buy the goods on rival sites. costing jet $300 million over the next five years as it absorbs shipping costs. >> the fight for $15 an hour. will they boost the wages of thousands of fast food workers?
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>> hello there, i'm felicity barr. this is the news hour live from lone con coming up in the next 60 minutes. burndi's president won course for a consecutive term in office said he's open to form a national unity government. taking the fight oh isil, we have exclusive footage of forces battling to retake key towns in anbar province. >> there are